Outreach reserach projects

In the Yerucham Science Center (YCS) we study everyday physical phenomena as means to study and teach high school students by way of research. The program supports social mobility and development for disenfranchised teenage students from peripheral towns.


Optimal wind turbine spacing in wind farms

Wind farms are a growing power production industry. Using small models, wind tunnels and scaling laws we looked at what would be the optimal spacing of wind turbines to maximize power production.


The ground effect in hovercrafts and helicopters

When a helicopter is in autorotation mode, its descent is controlled by the lift produced by the main rotorblade array. However when it approaches the ground the craft actually ascends for a time before settling down. This phenomenon also happens if the engine and blades rotate at a fixed rate. It seems as if some air cushioning happens close to the ground. We studied this effect through the model of a damped oscillator.