How being fat can save your life


A talk that is inspired by a true story. At one point I was stranded outside my second floor apartment with no keys to said abode. With my keys at the other end of a 3 hour drive, I opted for the (il)logical choice of climbing to my window, breaking in my own apartment. This was such a success, that the next morning I opted to come down the same way. I failed. This is the story of how being fat at that time saved my life.

The odd world of water polo dirty play


When I was younger I used to play for a semi-professional water polo club. The hard won lessons of playing water polo haunt me to this day. However, I try to look at some of the physics involved in this grueling and gruesome sport.

Symmetry ‘for dummies’


Yet another instance of symmetry

The concept of symmetry permeates human experience. So much so, that we usually relegate its instances to the obvious. How does symmetry appear in nature? What do the laws of physics have to do with this concept? How do modern day physicists use this concept to ‘guess’ at new and exciting physics? How come a helicopter can hover? what’s the connection to the higgs Boson? all of these and more are discussed in a clear presentation aimed at the layperson.